What we do

Circulation & Distribution

Seeing their magazine on the retailer’s shelves is still the key focus for many publishers, and their advertisers, despite ever-increasing routes to the consumer.  We develop and implement circulation marketing strategies suitable for the current marketplace.


Account management & analytics

Our highly experienced staff  and systems will give you relevant performance data and advice to enable your magazines to remain ahead of the competition. Our access to consumer insight and intelligence makes sure that your magazines are marketed cost-effectively with maximum performance.


International & Specialised distribution

Our circulation and distribution logistics has a world-wide reach. We work with leading international retailers and magazine distributors to place your magazines on allow your sales to grow the international reach of your magazines



SELECT PS is able to offer a full range of print services for publishers seeking to produce magazines, books, catalogues and journals. We are specialise in advising innovative packaging solutions for your magazines that will have the maximum impact on the newsstand.



Logistics form one of the most important links in the supply chain, ensuring that products successfully reach the newsstand in good condition and on time. Using our services, publishers can be confident that their magazines will get into the marketplace on time, every time.


Subscription fulfilment

Subscription marketing and fulfilment is an important focus for magazines. Magazine readers now expect to be able to purchase their favourite brands online, either as a digital version or a physical copy (or a combined package). Our subscription model and new website are able to handle both with ease.



The publishing landscape is changing and the increased use of digital platforms presents exciting possibilities for your brands. Digital strategy is as much about building and reaching online audiences as it is about packaging content in new ways.



With the right type of content, your magazine brand has the potential to be licensed in other territories and/or languages. If you are well established in your home country, your magazine can generate additional revenue elsewhere.